- Subway ride.
(P1: Passenger 1, P2: Passenger 2, S: Person at the subway booth)
P1: Hi. We would like to go to < Harvard University >.
S: How many tickets do you need?
P2: We need two tickets.
S: OK. That will be < 5 > dollars total.
P1: Here is < 5 > dollars.
S: OK. Here are your tickets, and have a great trip.
P1, P2: Thank you so much!
Situation B: Bus ride
P: Passenger, B: Bus Driver
P: Hi. Does this bus go to < Berklee College of Music >?
B: Yes, get on the bus please.
P: How much is the fare?
B: It’s one dollar.
P: Ok. Here you go. (Student will hand the money to the bus driver.)
P: How many stops is it to < Berklee College of Music >?
B: Two stops. This is your stop now. You may get off.
P: Thank you. Bye!